Hng 8 Journal

Hng 8 Journal

Baby Steps

This article is the first series that I am going to be writing to document and share my experience in the just-started HNG internship. The internship, organized by the ZURI team focuses on helping individuals who aspire to pursue a career in tech or tech-related fields like entrepreneurship achieve their goals. I applied for the program to increase my skill-set and improve my web development skill.

The internship would last 8 weeks and my goal during that time period is to gather enough experience/skill to help me qualify for a web development job. My area of focus is the backend and my tech stack is Nodejs, HTML, CSS, Google Cloud Platform, and Azure. I will be working mostly with Nodejs in the internship as I am on the backend track.

During the course of the training, I or my team members will frequently need to use some tools to help achieve our goals and make work easier. Below are some of these tools and a link to tutorials on how to get started with them:

  • Figma: for UI/UX design, click here for tutorial
  • Git: for code version control and management, click here for tutorial
  • HTML: markup language for structuring web pages, click here for tutorial
  • Nodejs: javascript server-side language, click here for tutorial